The Razor Boy – novel

168 pages, Ayrıntı Publishing, 2013
The violence in our lives… The violence in the street… The violence of the spoken word… Walking among the down and out on the streets of a ‘another’ Turkey, Gönül Kıvılcım demonstrates violence in all its levels. Rape, murder and suicide are common incidents on the streets. Kıvılcım’s narrator wanders outside like an invisible hero and forces open a door we have forgotten exists: the door of conscience. In The Razor Boy, this door which is inclined to stay closed in welfare societies, is unable to remain closed. In order to be able to deal with our conscience, crimes and dreams of thinner addicts and street children who use a blasphemous language are displayed. This is a world on our doorstep… a world that frightens most of us. Readers will feel how the young children’s jackets are torn to shreds by the time they finish reading The Razor Boy… The book persuades readers to try to look at the life of the street children – a life that resembles hell, and thus, together with the narrator, the readers can look away from clichés.

Then comes love in the way it is experienced on the street. Loving when you’re living on the street is harsh and cruel…

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