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Fragmented LoveFragmented Love

For love to be real, it has to be tested.
Gönül Kıvılcım is again before readers with her stories in her third book Fragmented Loves after Small Town Lies (short stories) and Razor Boy (a novel). We talked about the stories in this book and about love with Kıvılcım…

Your stories in Fragmented Love confronts the subject of either love or the past. Can’t love and the past be independent of each other?
Even though we cannot conceive it in the beginning, the biggest threat to love is that it can end one day. On one hand, we are getting closer to death day by day, but love is a desire strong enough to make us forget about dying. However, what we feel for the other person is fragile and flickering enough to mix with the past at any time. Even though we all want to cry out that there is happy love, we know that our passion has an end. That’s why we live love in the present tense but we re-establish this on recollections. We keep a memory buried in the past in never-ending farewells. By commemorating Proust, we can say that: love always contains a past, because it is a feeling which gathers root from inside us and takes its reality from our imagination. The people we fall in love with are the ones who shape our past and our personality without us realizing it and through association of ideas and who remind us of the images and figures in our early years. So to remember love, to pry out past and what we hide inside is to try to understand love, that incomprehensible feeling by settling accounts, even though it is painful..
Is love painful because it cannot consist of only the loving and the loved? Or let me put it another way: is it in the nature of love to be fragmented in the end?
For love to be real it has to be tested and at this very point shadows threating love are added to adventure. Anyway, no relationships, no love stories can be told without them. Because the passion we have when we are in love results from the complicacy of love, from that it can go on despite third persons and those shadows. Besides, while our encounters are so interrupted, while our life styles do not give any chance to continuity, the feeling we call love also tends to be interrupted. Whether we accept or not, the movies made and book written today constantly repeat the same determination: We all carry the picture of someone other than the one beside us.
The stories are like the details of a single and long story that settles accounts with past over love… Is it a correct determination?
We have to exclude two stories. The Letter That Cannot Reach Its Adresse and Out of Reach. The former has a quality of a small rehersal of a chaotic order which will appear when we ignore the existence of a will more powerful than our will which conditions us to be moral. And the latter tells about how we are like each other when we are in love.

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