She graduated from Bosphorus University in İstanbul with a degree in Economics. She also received an MA in Mass Communication at Bergen University, Norway. Kıvılcım lived and worked as a journalist in Berlin and Cologne, worked for the German television WDR. She worked for the newspaper Radikal.

Her first book Small Town and Lies, was a collection of stories, published in 2001

Her other books are,
2002: Razor Sinan, Can Publishing House.
2004: Kaleidoscope of Love, Everest Publishing House.
2010: Karaköy through Living Witnesses, Heyamola Publishing House.
2011: The Palace of Crime, Destek Publishing Pouse.
2012: My Father’s Favorite Picture, Ayrıntı Publishing House.
2017: Hummings, İletişim Publishing House.

Her book Razor Sinan is translated into Albanian, Romanian and Arabic.
Her story called “Small Town and Lies” from the book with the same title was translated into German for the short story anthology “Love, Lies and Ghosts”, Unionsverlag, Zurich 2006.

Her short story “ Out of Reach” from Kaleidoscope of Love” is translated into English for the Anthology, “The Book of Istanbul”, Comma Press 2010.

Kıvılcım now resides in Istanbul and has a son called Yakup.